Special Sessions

Call for Special Sessions

EASEC-16 will provide an excellent forum for participants from around the world to review, discuss and present the latest developments in the broad discipline of structural engineering and construction. It will also be a great platform for participants to renew friendship and establish new collaborations.


Abstracts are now invited for EASEC-16, with a focus on the conference topics listed below. Deadline for submission of abstract is 29th March 2019. Further details on abstract template and submission are available on www.easec16.com.au.


Proposals for Special Sessions are also invited: If you are interested in organising a special session as part of EASEC-16, please email [email protected] the title of your proposed session together with at least 6 intended papers. Upon acceptance, the Committee will invite the proposer to present in the special session as an Invited Speaker with a waived registration fee.

Provissionally Accepted Special Sessions

Special Session No. Title Organizers
SS01 Structural Monitoring and Control Prof.Chung-Bang Yun

Prof.Yuanfeng Duan

Prof. Luo

SS02 Structural health monitoring of civil engineering structures based on field test data Prof. Fengliang Zhang

Prof. Chul-Woo Kim

Assoc. Prof Heung Fai Lam

SS03 Data Science in Civil Engineering: Efficient Algorithms and Applications Assoc. Prof. Heung Fai Lam

Dr. Jia-Hua Yang

Dr. Jun Hu

SS04 [To be confirmed soon] Dr. Johnny Ho
SS05 Emerging Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring of In-Service Bridges Prof. Ting-Hua Yi

Dr. Jun Li

SS06 Advances in Structural Engineering: Design, Assessment and Inspection Assoc. Prof. Chang-Wei Huang

Asst. Prof. Chien-Kai Wang

Prof. Chuin-Shan David Chen

SS07 Structural performance and protection against blast and impact loads Dr. Wensu Chen

Dr. Thong Pham

Dr. Xihong Zhang

Dr. Jingde Li

SS08 Recent Research Advances on Innovative Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring Dr. Jun Li

Dr. Qingzhao Kong

SS09 Rail Track Structure: Mechanical behaviour, heath monitoring, design and advanced materials Dr. Hossein Askarinejad
SS10 Performance-based seismic design and seismic resilience of infrastructure systems Dr. Zhi-guo Sun

Dr. Qiao-yun Wu

SS11 Advanced Applications of Nanomaterials in Structural Engineering and Construction Dr. Qianhui Zhang
SS12 Current Management Issues in Construction Prof. Sai On Cheung

Conference Topics

  • Structural mechanics
  • Computational mechanics
  • Reinforced and prestressed concrete structures
  • Steel structures
  • Timber structures
  • Composite structures
  • Coastal and offshore structures
  • Structural stability
  • Structural dynamics
  • Structural health monitoring and damage identification
  • Structural reliability analysis and design
  • Structural optimization
  • Fracture and damage mechanics
  • Soil mechanics and foundation engineering
  • Pavement materials and technology
  • Shock and impact loading
  • Structural fire engineering
  • Earthquake loading
  • Traffic and man-made loadings
  • Wave and wind loadings
  • Thermal effects
  • Design codes
  • New construction materials
  • New construction technologies
  • Forensic Engineering and Case Studies
  • Engineering education

Supporting International Journals

Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended versions for possible publication in the International Journal of Structural Stability and Dynamics.

Important Dates

First call of paper: 1 January 2019
Extended Deadline for submission of abstract: 29 March 2019
Notification of abstract acceptance: 1 April 2019
Deadline for submission of full paper: 1 July 2019
Deadline for submission of revised full paper: 1 September 2019
Notification of full paper acceptance: 15 September 2019
Deadline for early bird registration: 30 September 2019
Conference: 3-6 December 2019